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22 September 2005 @ 11:34 am
My name is Teej. Im a fox *coughkitsunecough* but I dont like to advertise it often, since ya know, it isnt the most wonderous thing to be...>.>

I find that music and sound tends to feed me and keep me going. So much I learn from my spirit every day, even little things that are just amazing and not even worth mentioning on a regular basis. But anyway...I like to just sit back and watch, listen, and learn from others. There is a lot about me that I tell people on a person by person basis...so sorry that I am not giving a blanket, all-in-one kind of overview about myself. I cast no judgements upon others on what they think/believe they are or have residing with(in) them. You can claim to be something...but only you can really know if that is true, or if you are just trying to pretend. Don't mind me, I will keep quiet for the most part, you will be hard pressed to get me into any kind of super deep discussion or argument on the net, simply because I don't believe that you can tell a lot about a person, their soul, or their spirit from some digital data. Anyone can look something up and pretend to know.

"...just goes to show, you know, you never really can tell."
Tschüß und bis bald,
Random NC Kitsune
22 September 2005 @ 11:41 am
Just a little notice to let you all know- if you havent posted an introduction to this community
(and I know their are a few of you :P) please do so, as I am cleaning off the list of inactive members and such, for those whom never posted (or I have never seen made a post here) or do not contribute to the place (I realize some follow/lurk and those I know on that personal basis wont be effected ^^;;} but yea.. just to let those whom are here know..if you havent.. please speak up if your alive here..I'd like to know if even the watchers are alive. thanks.
also if you do get removed and DO with to come back, simply send a request and it will be fufilled as soon as the admins discuss it ^^
whom is dusting off the cobwebs of zee community
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14 September 2005 @ 08:59 pm
I figure I might as well make a small introduction.

Name: Lily

Type of kin: Jinko no Kitsune.

Features: Grey. 3 tails on occassion.

Spiritual Path: No idea. I had a falling out with Christianity, but I keep wanting to give it another try.

Reasons for joining: Solo's my mate, and I'm slowly becoming a little more comfortable with...outing? I suppose. Which doesn't really imply I'm comfortable at all, but that's ok.

This is one of the first times I've been open about this sort of thing so please be gentle with me ^ ^

Oh, a small thing of note. I'm an East Asian studies major, minoring in Japanese. In the same way as xiaolang I'd be happy to take any cultural questions. *bows*
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30 August 2005 @ 04:19 pm
Ohisashiburi minna-san. (Long time no see, folks.)

Once again, the start of a new school year (no poking fun at my long running student status :p) brings new lists of readings for my courses which I feel I'd like to share as resources, in the case that you too would like to engage in self study.
And in case you didn't know, I'm a Japanese language major.. so these are pretty much about Japan, Japanese people, Japanese culture, Japanese history... you get the point.

Maybe it's not appropriate for the community persay. But I feel this will have tying themes in that while we are in process of discovering parts of ourselves that /aren't/ human, or at the very least feel foreign beyond that of the normal social alienation, we still need to have a solid base of cultural understandings and workings of those cultures where these (supposed) myths and creatures spring from.

After all, how can you believe in something from another land, time, mythos and culture, when you don't even know the past and current times/culture of the people it came from?

So without further ado:
Because the list is long.Collapse )

I provided a rather long list I know, maybe not too much of it will be extremely useful to you, yourself and your future. But here they are anyway.

I amongst those of the community here I'm sure, notice a lack of activity. On that note, I'd like to put forth a call for Common Questions that you might have. Ask away in this thread it you will, or make another post in the community, and throw in ANY question you have. Don't be shy, and certainly don't feel like your question is too silly or n00b or whatever, to ask.

I'm talking /any/ question really. Even: How do you spell Yokai? (Which really should be Yôkai, or youkai...)

After all, this community's here for answering your questions and getting some answers, right? (Even if those answers given aren't particularly sating for the curious minds.)
11 August 2005 @ 08:40 pm

Ahhh, to be an Oni.
"But Zankenkoudoji-sama, what really is an Oni?" you ask?
Allow me to enlighten you.

In the far distant past of Nippon's history, Oni were originally Kami; nature spirits revered by the ancient religion of Shintoism. A website I came across had this to say about them:

Whether they are born from the pits of hell or are the scourge of mountains and hills; whether they originate from the deepest depths of human despair and rage; or whether they originated from the fires of the newborn Fujiyama, one thing is certain: nobody really knows much about these demons except that they should be avoided at all costs.  Said to be at times one of the earliest symbols of nature's rage against man's utilitarian treatment of nature, the Oni has many variations, from the first Shinto incarnations to modern times and beyond, becoming far different than its nearest closest western equivalent, the ogre.

What is known about the Oni:

  • They come in four colors: red, blue, black and (most recently) green, with hues of each varying;
  • They are frequently known to carry a cudgel, mace, or some sort of bludgeoning weapon;
  • The majority of them come from hell, though some are born on earth (and some legends say that scorned women can become female Oni, or Hannya); and
  • They feed on human flesh and bone, though some are said to feed on human emotions as well.

There are, however, rare cases of good Oni.  The most recent (and best known to anime fans) is the character found in Kusunoki Kei's series Ogre Slayer, featuring an Oni with a human appearance, born to slay his own kind and defend humanity from them.  But centuries before that was the legend of two Oni on a hill overlooking a village, to see who would ultimately get to destroy the town.  However, one of them eventually grew to care about the villagers and in the end fought to protect the town.  Lastly, it is said that some warrior priests, desperate to protect their temples, become Oni upon death, able to continue to serve their duties in the afterlife.

The website's http://www.tokyoteleport.com/teleport/soul/essays/ausa2004b.htm hope the link works! If not, cut'n'paste.

I'd like to post more images of Oni that I have, but I still haven't gotten the hang of Livejournal tagging the images. Hopefully I'll work it out soon, ne?

03 June 2005 @ 11:14 pm
I'll start with a snippet from my lj (I'd link, but it's friends only)... excuse the ramblyness, I had a time limit when I wrote it up, and I still have a time limit:

last night I was restless and unable to go to sleep right away... while I tried to relax I felt what felt like one of my Aspects coming 'up front'... only this wasn't one I was familiar with. the feel of it was male and carried a feeling of what could be described as righteous wrath. as for more of it's feel it has a horn, a bony plate down the top of the head from the base of the horn to the nose. it also has fangs and forward pointing eyes... there's an Asian feel to it... in fact... I'd call it an Asian 'unicorn'... I've read enough to know Asian 'unicorns' can be a varied bunch, but I only have semi-decent info on three types. as for a 'name' for this Aspect... I get an image of smoke so far when I try to feel how the Aspect identifies himself....

I've been looking up info on Asian 'unicorns' when I can, but without luck, if anyone can help point me to a website I may have missed or let me know if there's a book I should get that could have helpful info I'd be ever grateful.
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03 April 2005 @ 05:14 pm
I found this old document on my computer, upon searching out some references for another paper of mine. I thought it might vaguely relate to some of our 'studies' out here in asiakin, for anyone who is interested in background reading and hasn't had a chance to go through their own paths of research.

I know it's hard to sit down and start with a blank, and wonder where to start when it comes to research. Especially when it comes to the literature of a country whose language you don't speak or read, things can get intimidating. So...

The following list came out of my Introduction to Classical Japanese Literature in Translation course. It was a lower division college course, so you don't need a background of Japanese language to be able to find these works in translation. In fact, many of them should be available through Amazon.com, or your even your bookstore. I know I've found a few at Barnes&Nobles and Borders.

Many of these do not have reference to our more specific themes of the supernatural states in humans, although some, or at least most, do contain a wealth of information more of how Japanese people felt back then, or what their contemporaries had been up to. Some of these works on the other hand, really contain some nice information you could read on for looking for things like supernatural gods and deities, kitsune, dragons, serpents... etc. Ugetsu monogatari (Tales of Moonlight and Rain) for example, is definitely chock full of tales of ghosts and transformations and all that.

So, without further ado. (Oh, and this list was compiled by my GSI (grad. student instructor), Janice Kande. Crediting her for the compilation of this list and all that.)

I should learn to use LJ Cut. :PCollapse )
We watched more of this lecture on video by the Tibetan lama Tai Situpa, and he was saying that according to tibetan buddhist belief, the six non-enlightened realms are all throughout the universe, and that 'humans' elsewhere don't have to look anything at all like us in order to be technically humans by the tbuddhist definition. he said there could be planets where the people look 'like carpets', and they might think we are a riot because we look 'like treetrunks' and have that funny stuff at the top and do different things to it like cut it off or keep it long. He also said that just because the humans here only live less than 200 years lately (he said that so people wouldn't get twitchy if he only said 100), it doesn't mean that other humanforms elsewhere don't live for two hours, or two million years. So, to me it completely is in line with the belief of other life forms from elves to dragons to whatevers having some of the same properties as humans, and having lifespans that these humans here marvel at or think of as infinite...

Again, if anyone wants more detail on the tibetan buddhist cosmology and these six realms, just ask...I'm into them! ahahaha! Well, and I'm clergy...

I posted a version of this on otherkin and I think ...
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25 February 2005 @ 01:56 am
This is just a random linkage... I found it while looking up some information about Noh plays (specifically looking about a dragon god named Chikubushima).

What a delightful surprise really; Royall Tyler, whose translation works I'm reading for Japanese Noh Drama, is on that forum, and Naryu having posted a small anecdote from his Japanese Tales book, I think people might want to have a look through and see if they are interested.


Don't worry, they speak English. :3

Edit -- forgot to add: the original link which I found this forum on, talking about Dragon Queens, ancient lineages, all that good stuff.

So far I've come up with Three:


Now, what is the difference between Youkai and Mazoku? Is it simply another name for 'monster' or is there something deeper? Henge (change) youkai are obviously the were-species of The East...but Mazoku? The Oni wants answers!