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23 September 2005 @ 11:59 am
Rabbit Visits the Dragon Palace  

While searching out commentary for an article I was reading for class (of which I'm going to right now...) I found this PDF file via Google.

There's a Korean tale in this, supposedly a famous one but I'm not familiar with Korean mythologies. There's also some analysis of it, so perhaps people might like to read it, and garner some interest into such things.
I realize a lot of our focus has been on Japan, mainly because there's so much of it coming out into the mainstream of western cultures in the form of Japanimation and music, so this might be a good change over, or at the very least a good digression.

And I'll comment individually on people's intros and whatnot... soon.
ferdogemperor on September 23rd, 2005 07:12 pm (UTC)
This actually sounds like a mix of Korean rabbit tales and stories of the Monkey King--not entirely uncommon, because you actually see a very similar mix of Coyote/Rabbit mythology with Native American cultures too. (Up to and including some stories that are nearly identical, only some with Rabbit and some with Coyote!)

Sometimes I wonder if the Rabbit story wasn't borrowed and incorporated into the Monkey King mythos, actually :3 (Rabbit, in Korea, *is* a trickster--not unlike Nanabush in several Ojibwe myths. In fact, Nanabush is the basis for Bugs Bunny (and B'rer Rabbit as well)) Or at least the basis being from an older story of Rabbit, with the story from the Monkey King later embroidering it :3

At any rate, this is an example of how traditional Korean stories DO have old shamanic bases even with trappings from other cultures. A *lot* of Korean stories have much, much older bases and are essentially dressed in Buddhist and Taoist trappings :3