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22 September 2005 @ 08:43 pm
*a little badger bumbles in*  
Hi...I admit, I've been lurking here since I joined...I tend to be an itsy bit shy *blush*....but I'll do my best , though beware, I tend to wander and ramble, I hope this makes sense, bear with me)... Well, I'm a badger (among other weird things)in spirit...and well, my beliefs are a bit complicated...for a long time, I clung to my true genetic blood-lines and the countries/traditions/beliefs incolved there-in...though after a decent bit of time, I realized it was just "lip-service"...no deep connection existed within my heart to these dieties...the lands, yes, but not the pantheon...I honestly felt empty for a long time, years even...after it had gotten to a point not unlike empty darkness, I meditated and contemplated deeply upon old dreams and memories I had stores in my trap-maze of a mind...a little came forth from long ago:...one thing that has stood out to me over a long, long period of time (since around age 8 or 9) is that something of a completely different philosophy and mind set seems more "correct" in my mind...At the time, I knew nothing of Asia beyond the wonderful food. Though as time progressed and I began to study on my own, some things came to light that lit a path that wasn't visible to my eyes before that point...mainly, Buddha...I didn't say anything, heck, for years and years even, not a word, just a small glimmer in my mind's eye. Occasionally I would longingly be locked in a gaze at beautiful statues and small trinkets bearing that calm, benevolent, and ever-enduring face. I still struggle a bit with accepting that this may be my thru path. Some how, in some little tiny corner of my mind I still often feel it's not my "right" to follow this path of enlightenment...like I'm just not allowed, maybe by birth, maybe by society, who knows...I hope, in all honesty, that maybe this community can help me overcome this. Just being around other I feel are much like myself in body and spirit is worth its weight in gold to me...a spiritual "craving" maybe... Sorry that was horribly rambly...I totally understand if no one reads it all the way thru :)
*Humble wishes of luck from a small badger offering beads and incense*

-Mud Paw
Current Mood: pensivefragmented
feyandstrange on September 24th, 2005 02:45 am (UTC)
badgers! yay! Badgers are nifty! Tanuki or just badger? They get confusing, I know. But they're actually a different species; tanuki are canids, more closely related to foxes and dogs, whereas badgers are related to weasels and otters.

"While tanukis are prominent in Japanese folklore and proverbs, they were not always properly distinguished between other animals. In local dialects, tanuki and mujina (貉) refer either to a Raccoon Dog, a badger, or a relative of the badger. What is known as tanuki in one region is known as mujina in another region. In today's Tokyo standard dialect, tanuki refers to Raccoon Dogs and anaguma refers to badgers."

So whatever they are, both tanuki and badger appear in Buddhist legends from Japan.
Mud Pawmud_paw on September 25th, 2005 09:12 pm (UTC)
actually, since you did bring it up, for a time I really did consider Tanuki a very big possibility..especially since shapeshifting is such a part of me...heck, even physically badgers so appear to look alot like badgers(especially the badgers of japan, which lack most of the bold white markings and look more " racoonish")...so it can get awfully complicated...be it the name or the looks hehe...only thing that worries me is the heavily negative connotation that badgers hold in Japanese folklore...being all evil and whatnot...and poor tanuki with all the drunkeness and small brains...I guess the foxes will always be the "golden children" of Japanese legends ;) *elbows the foxes jokingly*
feyandstrange on September 25th, 2005 10:41 pm (UTC)
um... we can be evil! really! damn this cuteness! um, grr!

I've always had the impression that kitsune were sort of neutral - treat them with respect 'cos they can mess with you, be wary, but they can also be helpful. Badgers and tanuki seem slightly less inclined to be helpful or playful.

Tanuki seem to have got the drunkenness from some association with another person, but I've forgotten the details. Something like - big bellies=drunks?
°º¤ø Sunrise Mantra ø¤º°narumi on September 25th, 2005 07:52 pm (UTC)
heyMudpaw :3 nice to see ya more active around here ^^
I'm sorry I havent gotten a chance to respond to yer post yet ._.;
dont worry about the "babbling" hell I encoutage it if anything! (as you know I'm like that in my LJ XP) if you cant make sence of your thoughts maybe some one else can ;) or at least find some simmilarties and shed some light/new insight from a different perspecitve ^^