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I've been trying very hard to research and find other creatures that were like me. I found a link on here left by crowgoblin and I couldn't find anything there either.
I am a tiger. In this life people call me Tora (lj name is a cross between tora and mouko XD.) I feel so close to wolf kin that maybe we were closely related or tied together somehow. I remember flying. I am not sure if all is fact, I am just going by instinct and trying to understand.
Has anyone come across legends or myths of tiger creatures?
Just curious. Thank you

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BC: Train Saya give me a hand

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a while back I mentioned I was searching for info on asian 'unicorns' (see here). anywho, I've found, based on what sources I could find and what this aspect feels like that he is in fact a Sin You (also known as a 'Kai-Tsi' according to one source altho I've only seen that mentioned in two sources, it also appears to have a connection to the Chinese Chiai Tung). now, it's hard finding information on Sin You, most of what I found out was from brief comments mentioned in articles focusing on the K'i-lin/Kirin. (sadly) the best source I found focusing only on the Sin You was in a Llewellyn book.

what I find most interesting about this aspect, which I've taken to calling Kouen (香煙), is he insists he didn't die... he just decided he wanted to give being something else a try. this is also the first male aspect I've had awaken, and there's still a little weirdness with that, since he's still integrating with the rest. now, as well as all that, altho I haven't found any mention of a Sin You's dietary preference he has a rather omnivorous feel to him. I was hesitant to call him carnivorous/omnivorous based on the fact he does have fangs since I've seen Asian unicorns compared to muntjacs, but I still get this feeling his diet did consist of some animal protean.

anywho, just giving an update, reminding I'm still looking for new sources of information regarding Asian unicorns, and letting you know I'm slowly gathering up what info I do have into a little info sheet/writeup/pseudo-essay to post here if it comes out decent.
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Here it is by popular request

Hi everyone. I don’t remember if I ever posted an introduction so I’m going to do one or another one which ever it is.
~My name is criofan and I’m a Kitsune. I was Kitsune before being Kitsune was trendy and I don’t feel the need to hide that fact just because everyone thinks that Kitsune are Kawaii. If they really understood Kitsune they wouldn’t think so because every one I know is moody bitchy and very high maintaince. But that’s neither here nor there. The point is that we as Kitsune should be ourselves a not let anyone beat us around because they think we are trendy.
~I not only embrace my Asian ancestry as a Kitsune but I am also very connected to the Celtic culture. Which at times causes some issues when both cultures pull me in their ways. I am now questing to try to find a balance between the two.

Rabbit Visits the Dragon Palace

While searching out commentary for an article I was reading for class (of which I'm going to right now...) I found this PDF file via Google.

There's a Korean tale in this, supposedly a famous one but I'm not familiar with Korean mythologies. There's also some analysis of it, so perhaps people might like to read it, and garner some interest into such things.
I realize a lot of our focus has been on Japan, mainly because there's so much of it coming out into the mainstream of western cultures in the form of Japanimation and music, so this might be a good change over, or at the very least a good digression.

And I'll comment individually on people's intros and whatnot... soon.
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*a little badger bumbles in*

Hi...I admit, I've been lurking here since I joined...I tend to be an itsy bit shy *blush*....but I'll do my best , though beware, I tend to wander and ramble, I hope this makes sense, bear with me)... Well, I'm a badger (among other weird things)in spirit...and well, my beliefs are a bit complicated...for a long time, I clung to my true genetic blood-lines and the countries/traditions/beliefs incolved there-in...though after a decent bit of time, I realized it was just "lip-service" deep connection existed within my heart to these dieties...the lands, yes, but not the pantheon...I honestly felt empty for a long time, years even...after it had gotten to a point not unlike empty darkness, I meditated and contemplated deeply upon old dreams and memories I had stores in my trap-maze of a mind...a little came forth from long thing that has stood out to me over a long, long period of time (since around age 8 or 9) is that something of a completely different philosophy and mind set seems more "correct" in my mind...At the time, I knew nothing of Asia beyond the wonderful food. Though as time progressed and I began to study on my own, some things came to light that lit a path that wasn't visible to my eyes before that point...mainly, Buddha...I didn't say anything, heck, for years and years even, not a word, just a small glimmer in my mind's eye. Occasionally I would longingly be locked in a gaze at beautiful statues and small trinkets bearing that calm, benevolent, and ever-enduring face. I still struggle a bit with accepting that this may be my thru path. Some how, in some little tiny corner of my mind I still often feel it's not my "right" to follow this path of I'm just not allowed, maybe by birth, maybe by society, who knows...I hope, in all honesty, that maybe this community can help me overcome this. Just being around other I feel are much like myself in body and spirit is worth its weight in gold to me...a spiritual "craving" maybe... Sorry that was horribly rambly...I totally understand if no one reads it all the way thru :)
*Humble wishes of luck from a small badger offering beads and incense*

-Mud Paw
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I've been in and around here for a few months, and I've not really done anything more than reply to a few posts here and there. Hang me for being such a shy hermit bastard.

I align myself with Tengu, and in so many ways, I am one. All except the physique of course (though I wish). I am also a Buddhist, an Animist, and a Chaote. So all-in-all, wierd.


I live in Sacramento, California. I'm 19, I have a girlfriend ( Whom I'm moving in with soon), I haven't graduated H.S. yet (due to some sort of slacking...thing...~shrugs~...), I work at Papa John's Pizza (and yes I have horror stories).


I'm not really good at these, so if any have questions, I guess I'll answer. :\

take care all
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