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The Asian Otherkin LJ Community 東のアジアキン

Nonhumans Of The Eastern Persuasion

Eastern Otherkin
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Japanese Monsters are love.

We are a community of otherkin, therians and werefolk who have spiritual ties to Asian paradigms and mythos (examples are Japanese, Chinese, Persian, Taiwanese, Korean, Cambodian, etc.), or who's spiritual beliefs and practices are largely influenced by such. People of all faiths, spiritual beliefs and practices are welcome as long as they keep an open mind and respect one another. Constructive criticism is welcome, outright bashing, however, is not.

Part of the community's aim is to study and research the languages and cultures by which we have these spiritual ties rooted. This would include the study and research of (but not limited to) religions such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Tao, Islam and Shinto, as well as languages, writing, sacred texts, mythologies, and folk tales and beliefs. We also include, but do not stress or limit ourselves to modern portayals of such in pop media. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of intelligent and gainful discussion, and the spread of knowledge and research. Yadda-yadda-yadda.

Rules of conduct and all that good shit:
1.) Constructive criticism is welcome. Being an asshole isn't.
2.) Intelligent debating is welcome. Flaming is not.
3.) Please put any image-related posts behind cuts, because some unfortunate bastards might have slow-ass dialup modems.
4.) Any content in locked ('friends-only') posts shall not be shared outside da community. Whatever HAPPENS in asiankin, STAYS in asiankin!
5.) Don't whore your communities here. If you want to, you'll have to talk to one of the evil overlords moderators here first.
6.) Fluffbunnies, fangirls and whiners will be shot and served up for haussenpfeffer by the vulpine moderators, The Tengu shall have dibs on the eyeballs.
Membership is by approval.

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