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24 September 2005 @ 10:15 pm
a while back I mentioned I was searching for info on asian 'unicorns' (see here). anywho, I've found, based on what sources I could find and what this aspect feels like that he is in fact a Sin You (also known as a 'Kai-Tsi' according to one source altho I've only seen that mentioned in two sources, it also appears to have a connection to the Chinese Chiai Tung). now, it's hard finding information on Sin You, most of what I found out was from brief comments mentioned in articles focusing on the K'i-lin/Kirin. (sadly) the best source I found focusing only on the Sin You was in a Llewellyn book.

what I find most interesting about this aspect, which I've taken to calling Kouen (香煙), is he insists he didn't die... he just decided he wanted to give being something else a try. this is also the first male aspect I've had awaken, and there's still a little weirdness with that, since he's still integrating with the rest. now, as well as all that, altho I haven't found any mention of a Sin You's dietary preference he has a rather omnivorous feel to him. I was hesitant to call him carnivorous/omnivorous based on the fact he does have fangs since I've seen Asian unicorns compared to muntjacs, but I still get this feeling his diet did consist of some animal protean.

anywho, just giving an update, reminding I'm still looking for new sources of information regarding Asian unicorns, and letting you know I'm slowly gathering up what info I do have into a little info sheet/writeup/pseudo-essay to post here if it comes out decent.
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°º¤ø Sunrise Mantra ø¤º°narumi on September 25th, 2005 08:08 pm (UTC)
Have you tried this link Mugetsu? http://www.himmapan.com/himmapan_creatures.html
I'm not sure if they have anything eprtaning.. nformation on the Sin-you is very hard to find as alot of its legends have melded with the kirin or it has since fallen into the shadows as far as art or resources and stories of it goes (to my limited knowlage) ._.